20 Incredible Performances that Didn’t Get an Oscar Nomination

Oscar Statues Feature

Each award year 20 performances, 10 actors and 10 actresses, get their name tacked next to the label of being an Oscar nominee. Despite how prestigious the Oscar nominations can be, sometimes the Academy has committed in glaring omissions that truly changed the scope of that Oscar year, especially in individual categories. Sometimes it is due to the performance being in a film so independent that their producers couldn’t market the performance enough. Other times an omission can occur due to bias from the Academy, such as ignoring a smaller film in preference to a bigger named film.

Regardless as to why Oscar snubs occur, audiences tend to place deeper focus on these nominated performances and fail to recognize the snubbed performances that were equally as worthy of being nominated but weren’t. To find out about 20 incredible performances the Oscars chose to ignore, click the link before and find out who was grossly snubbed over the years:

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