20 Performances that Should Have Won an Oscar


Winning the coveted Oscar is a highly competitive thing to achieve, especially in a given year that the ceremony and its precursors are favoring one performance over another. Often this can happen due to a performance not having the marketability to campaign against heavyweight films or a performance is ignored due to another actor being “given his/her due” with the award. How such award snubs can be acknowledge is by allowing time to indicate what was the better performance of that year. Therefore, click the link to the slideshow below to see twenty nominated performances that have stood the test of time and should have won the Oscar during their given year.

Click HERE to start the slideshow


21 thoughts on “20 Performances that Should Have Won an Oscar

    1. Great performance, but he wasn’t even nominated for Revolutionary Road. Nor was he nominated for The Departed, another role that deserved at least a nomination.

      For this list, it is limited to Oscar nominated performances that should have won. If you’re interested in my “should have been nominated” list, please check out my feature on the topic:


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