British Academy Award Nomination Takeaways

british academy10 Takeaways from Today’s BAFTA’s Nominations

  1. It’s Birdman versus Boyhood this year.

If there was any doubt before, then it ought to be extinguished by today’s nominations. This year’s Oscars is Birdman versus Boyhood with both films garnering nearly the same number in nominations.


  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel push.

This film has gotten some serious last minute traction, proving this movie a definite Oscar contender this year. No complaints here, especially with Ralph Fiennes’ surprise Best Actor nomination.


  1. Leading Actor or Supporting Actor for Steve Carrell in Foxcatcher?

The producers need to make a decision what category they are putting him in! It’s starting to become obnoxious with all the back and forth.


  1. Amy Adams for Best Actress for Big Eyes over Jennifer Aniston?

Seriously? Does this mean Jennifer Aniston is losing steam for snagging her first Best Actress Oscar nomination just inches from the finish line?`


  1. No love for Into the Woods.

Could we possibly see this mirrored in the Oscar nominations?


  1. No nominations for Selma.

The MLK biopic seems to have lost a lot of momentum just before the Oscar nominations are to be announced.


  1. No editing nomination for Boyhood.

If this occurs with the Oscar nominations, that will immediately put Birdman in the frontrunner position. Traditionally, the Best Picture winner also takes home the Best Editing Oscar. Without that nomination, it would suggest the craft of the film is inferior in comparison to its other competition.


  1. Rene Russo for Best Supporting Actress over Meryl Streep?

Nightcrawler currently is gaining momentum with the other award ceremonies as of recently. If the film is popular enough with the nominating committee, maybe Russo could get a last minute push to get her first Oscar nomination.


  1. American Sniper is a no-go with the British Academy Awards.

Clint Eastwood’s movie may have just gotten a PGA nomination, but that didn’t mean anything with today’s nominations, only grabbing a nomination for Adapted Screenplay.


  1. No Best Director nomination for David Fincher for Gone Girl

Fincher has been a consist nomination in the all other pre-Oscar ceremonies up until now. Does this mean a potential Best Director snub for him when the Oscar nominations are announced?


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