2015 Emmy Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie or Limited Series

There aren’t too many surprises in this category this year. Bill Murray is the obvious frontrunner in this category for his performance as “Jack Kennison” in the HBO miniseries Olive Kitteridge. Along with his performance, Murray has the voter sentiment on his side this year with a potential nomination being his first since his SNL writing nomination back in 1978 (he won in 1977 for writing for SNL). BBC’s epic miniseries Wolf Hall undoubtedly will grab nominations for former Homeland leading actor, Damian Lewis. Wolf Hall may also claim a nomination for Jonathan Pryce, whose additional performance as the “High Sparrow” in this latest season of Game of Thrones may help his notoriety with voters.

Michael Chiklis’ performance as “Dell Toledo” in American Horror Story: Freak Show seems likely to be nominated. Chiklis’ performance in Freak Show was subtle and dramatic at the same time, which definitely puts him a good position to be nominated. However, the true highlight from Freak Show, and the more worthy of being nominated, is Finn Wittrock for his frightening turn as man-child, serial-killer “Dandy Mott.” Wittrock is being downplayed by pundits who claim his lack of name recognition could hurt him, but if voters are truly serious about nominating the BEST performance, Wittrock will be nominated. Technically, Wittrock is a long shot to be nominated, but out of any contenders in this category, he is the most worthy. One other performance that is worthy of being nominated, but is considered a long shot, is Tchéky Karyo and his phenomenal performance as “Julien Baptiste” in Starz’s The Missing. He was a particular standout throughout the miniseries, providing one of the most subtle, yet profound, performances of the year. Like Wittrock, he is likely not to be nominated due to a lack of name recognition.

Other performances who are also grabbing the attention of voters are Michael Kenneth Williams in Bessie and Stephen Rea in The Honourable Woman. Both Williams and Rea have the advantage of starring in miniseries that are popular with voters, which helps their nomination chances. Some outliers who could pull a surprise nomination is Kris Kristofferson for History channel’s Texas Rising or Johnny Ortiz for ABC’s American Crime. However, Ortiz has more of a chance of being nominated if voters show American Crime greater appeal than other nominated miniseries. Out of these contenders, Williams seems to have a good chance of being nominated since Bessie is likely to take nominations in numerous categories, which would further help his chances of being nominated. However, Stephen Rea has one advantage over Williams: Rea won the BAFTA TV Award a few months back for The Honourable Woman, putting him in a good position to be nominated over Williams.

Below are Dan’s predictions for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie or Limited Series:

Dan’s Predictions:
1. Finn Wittrock – “America Horror Story: Freak Show”
2. Bill Murray – “Olive Kitteridge”
3. Damian Lewis – “Wolf Hall”
4. Jonathan Pryce – “Wolf Hall”
5. Stephen Rea – “The Honourable Woman”

Spoiler: Michael Chiklis – “American Horror Story: Freak Show”
Long Shot: Tchéky Karyo – “The Missing”


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