2015 Emmy Predictions: Best Actor in a Comedy Series

Do not expect any surprises in this category this year. Firstly, this category is Jeffrey Tambor’s to win. His performance as “Maura Pfefferman” in Transparent had everyone talking and offering praise for the veteran actor, who so many have come to love from the hit series, Arrested Development, and the mega hit Hangover films. Tambor would be taking Ricky Gervais’ place in this category since Netflix’s Derek concluded with a TV Movie this year, putting Gervais in the TV Movie and Miniseries category this year. Tambor’s only real competition in this category will be The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons, who stands on the precipice of tying with other television greats, such as Kelsey Grammer and Don Knotts, for winning five Emmys for the same role. Other repeat nominees to expect this year are Louis C.K. for FX’s Louie, William H. Macy for Showtime’s Shameless, Don Cheadle for Showtime’s House of Lies, and Matt LeBlanc for Showtime’s Episodes.

There are a handful of opportunities for some actors from freshmen shows to sneak in. FX’s The Comedians has gotten mixed reviews, but most have agreed Billy Crystal is the standout of the show. Crystal also has name-recognition, which could help his chances. PBS’ newest series, Vicious, has put Ian McKellen in the television spotlight, but the show might be too obscure for voters to notice. Andy Samberg for FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine was snubbed last year by voters, which was surprising considering he had previously won the 2014 Golden Globe for his performance. There is a slim possibility voters may vote for Samberg to rectify snubbing him last year. If voters show extra love for The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki could see himself nominated again, as he was in 2012. Jon Cryer may have one final shot of being nominated for CBS’ Two and a Half Men if voters show sentimentality over the show’s final season. Jonathan Groff was seemingly in a good position to be nominated for HBO’s Looking, but that was before the show was canceled in March, which took away any real chance of him pulling an upset in this category. The likelihood of any of these actors managing to push out any of the expected nominees is slim, but if anyone has a chance it would be Billy Crystal.

Below are Dan’s Predictions for Best Actor in a Comedy Series:

Dan’s Predictions:
1. Jeffrey Tambor – “Transparent”
2. Jim Parsons – “The Big Bang Theory”
3. Louis C.K. – “Louie”
4. William H. Macy – “Shameless”
5. Don Cheadle – “House of Lies”
6. Matt LeBlanc – “Episodes”

Spoiler: Billy Crystal – “The Comedians”
Long Shot: Johnny Galecki – “The Big Bang Theory”


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