2015 Emmy Awards Winner Prediction: Outstanding Direction for a Drama Series

With Mad Men snubbed in this category, it is anyone’s opportunity for the win. This may be a open chance for Steven Soderbergh to win for the pilot episode of The Knick, which was snubbed in all other major categories. Soderbergh has won Emmy gold before when he recently directed the TV film, Behind the Candelabra, which may put him at an advantage for being a recognizable name amongst viewers. When looking at Emmy trends in this category, directors with name-recognition typically have better odds of winning, such as David Fincher winning for the pilot of House of Cards in 2013 and Martin Scorsese winning for the pilot of Boardwalk Empire in 2011. This puts Soderbergh is a very good position to pull off a win in this category.

This shouldn’t rule out Timothy Van Patten, who directed some of Boardwalk Empire’s best episodes throughout its series run, winning one for its season two finale (a surprise win that year). The final episode of Boardwalk Empire was wonderfully concise and tied all loose plotlines together with a stunning conclusion that easily could push Patten towards a win. Lesli Linka Glatter’s nomination is her third (her second one for Homeland), which may entice voters to vote in her way. Voters may also award a Homeland win in this category to commend the show for being able to pull itself out of its season three slump.

Yet the double Game of Thrones nomination in this category seems to indicate the HBO show may take the win. Jeremy Podeswa’s direction of the show’s 6th episode was an episode that seethed of forewarning and tension that worked well into establishing the second half of the show’s fifth season. This episode is particularly known for the controversial scene containing Sansa Stark’s “wedding night” that had many fuming afterwards. However, the more likely of the two to win would be David Nutter’s direction of Game of Thrones season finale. The season finale offered some of the series’ most incredible and tragic moments. Between Stannis Baratheon’s Winterfell battle, Cersei Lannister’s walk of shame in King’s Landing, and the tragedy that occurs on The Wall, Nutter proved he could provide both epic, shocking, and heartbreaking moments all condensed into a single 60 minute episode. For that, he deserves the win in this category.

The Nominees:
Boardwalk Empire – Timothy Van Patten (“Eldorado”)
Homeland – Lesli Linka Glatter (“From A to B to Back Again”)
Game of Thrones – Jeremy Podeswa (“Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”)
Game of Thrones – David Nutter (“Mother’s Mercy”)
The Knick – Steven Soderbergh (“Method and Madness”)

Will Win: Game of Thrones – David Nutter (“Mother’s Mercy”)
Could Win: The Knick – Steven Soderbergh (“Method and Madness”)
Should Win: Game of Thrones – David Nutter (“Mother’s Mercy”)
Could Upset: Boardwalk Empire – Timothy Van Patten (“Eldorado”)

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