2015 Emmy Awards Winner Prediction – Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series

When it comes to this category, it is evident that the two main contenders are Veep and Transparent, both of whom are the comedy frontrunners this year. For Episodes, The Last Man on Earth, or Silicon Valley to win, any of these three would be considered huge upsets. Transparent seems to have the best chance in this category with its pilot episode being nominated. The first episode of Transparent needed a carefully constructed script to not only introduce the characters and situation, but also establish a form of respect for the show’s content. Veep’s submission episode, “Election Night,” is Transparent’s only real obstacle in this category. “Election Night” was a perfect comedic portrayal of the election night process in politics while also giving all characters a moment to shine in the episode, and setting up the groundwork for the show’s next season. Veep easily could take home the win in this category. There is also the possibility voters may want to honor Louis C.K. as they have in the past with this category. He is nominated for the episode, “Bobby’s House,” which was one of the more memorable episodes of Louie’s fifth season. Given the competition in other categories, this may be voters’ best opportunity to award Louis C.K. for starring, directing, producing, and writing his own series.

The Nominees:
Episodes  –  “Episode Nine”
The Last Man on Earth  –  “Alive in Tucson”
Louie  –  “Bobby’s House”
Silicon Valley  –  “Two Days of the Condor”
Transparent  –  “Pilot”
Veep  –  “Election Night”

Will Win: Transparent
Could Win: Veep
Should Win: Transparent
Could Upset: Louie


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