2015 Emmy Awards Winner Prediction: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Of all categories this Emmys season, the one guarantee and lock is Jeffrey Tambor in this category. Having already won the Golden Globe for his stunning first season work, Tambor is walking into this awards season with momentum on his side. Tambor provided critics and viewers with his finest work, surprising many by how he deviated from his usual style of acting in exchange for a performance that was both tender and was the heart of the show. Tambor’s portrayal of a male in transition to becoming a woman was done with tremendous respect that never once diminished the transgendered community for cheap laughs. Tambor’s submission episode, “The Letting Go,” showcases this respect beautifully with a pivotal scene where his character ‘comes out’ for the first time to one of his children. What lastly helps Tambor is name recognition, having been a repeat Emmy nominee since 1993 for The Larry Sanders Show and the cult classic, Arrested Development. Tambor has the momentum, the name recognition, and an impactful submission episode. Jeffrey Tambor will win in this category and he deserves it.

There isn’t that much room for an upset to occur in this category. The chances for either Anthony Anderson or Will Forte to sneak in a win for their first season work in their respective shows are slim, especially considering they both were surprise nominees. Don Cheadle offers excellent work in House of Lies, but the show is too small to pull off a win. Matt LeBlanc did surprise everyone when he won a Golden Globe for starring as a caricatured version of himself in Episodes in 2012, however, the chances of this happening are extremely slim. Yet LeBlanc, like Tambor, is a repeat Emmy nominee without any wins and that may influence voters to go in a direction other than Tambor. Louis C.K. is a repeat Emmy winner, but only for writing. Voters may want to award the stellar comedian with his first Emmy for acting, especially after the recent news of Louie going on a hiatus to allow Louis C.K. to focus on other projects. Lastly, William H. Macy did win the SAG this past January for his fifth season work on Shameless and that shouldn’t go ignored. Since Shameless transitioned to comedy from the drama category, Macy has seen himself nominated and considered a serious contender. If anyone has the capacity to pull off an upset, it is William H. Macy.

The Nominees:
Anthony Anderson  –  Blackish
Don Cheadle  –  House of Lies
Louis C.K.  –  Louie
Will Forte  –  The Last Man on Earth
Matt LeBlanc  –  Episodes
William H. Macy  –  Shameless
Jeffrey Tambor  –  Transparent

Will Win: Jeffrey Tambor
Could Win: Louis C.K.
Should Win: Jeffrey Tambor
Could Upset: William H. Macy


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