Emmy Awards Winner Prediction: Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series or TV Movie

This is seemingly Olive Kitteridge’s to win with its storytelling arc that spans twenty-five years with the limited series’ title character, while also maintaining a level of ambiguity with the narrative so that the show viewers could interpret on their own whether certain characters deserved sympathy, apathy or even be vilified. Olive Kitteridge was both a compelling limited series and a faithful adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel. This limited series may not be the flashiest contender in recent years, but it is worthy of the win in this category.

The other nominees in this category could achieve an upset, but it is unlikely. Hello Ladies: The Movie was a surprise nominee in this category, but one whose nomination is likely its award. Bessie is a good contender since it adequately portrays the life, strengths and weaknesses of Bessie Smith. However, in comparison to Olive Kitteridge, the characters within Bessie aren’t as equal in complexity and the narrative lacked the ability to feel passing time as the title character, Bessie Smith, grew as a performer and individual. There were moments within Bessie that years of the real-life singer’s life were relegated into mere minutes, which were glaring omissions within the film.  American Crime could potentially achieve an upset in this category with its first episode work that perfectly sets the foundation of the series in motion with the establishment of a crime and introducing characters through the various facets of that crime. The Honourable Woman also is a good contender in this category due to its dense storytelling, momentum of suspense, and characters who were strong yet complicated. Wolf Hall beautifully captured not only Reformation England, but convincingly captured the era’s dialect with each of the characters. The level of historical accuracy and the faithful adaptation of the novels made Wolf Hall the most difficult of the limited series to have been adapted, thereby the more worthy of the win, but the series will likely lose to Olive Kitteridge due to name recognition.

The Nominees:
American Crime
Hello Ladies: The Movie
The Honourable Woman
Olive Kitteridge
Wolf Hall

Will Win: Olive Kitteridge
Could Win: Bessie
Should Win: Wolf Hall
Could Upset: American Crime


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