13 Days of Horror: Dandy Mott in American Horror Story: Freak Show (2014)

Dandy Mott hairIn American Horror Story’s fourth season, audiences were introduced to Dandy Mott, a spoiled, man-child, rich-kid whose antics are continually coddled by his mousy mother. It is apparent upon introduction that Dandy isn’t all mentally there, who behaves with a child-like demeanor and is treated as such. What makes Dandy a truly compelling villain is witnessing his evolution from being mentally unstable to growing to be a truly menacing and diabolical killer. Dandy’s grip of reality is immediately lost once he experiences murder for the first time, giving himself over to what his mother describes as his “sickness.” His sickness is that Dandy is both a sociopath and psychopath, making him an exceedingly dangerous type of person. His mother has tried everything she could to repress her son’s eventual fate with insanity, but her efforts are in vain since she cannot control what her son is bound to be; Evil is still evil, even if you justify and coddle it. Once immersed in his own insanity, Dandy behaves with the rationale that he is immortal and murders unceremoniously and without cause. What makes Dandy Mott a frightening villain is the character’s rationale of believing his murders are all justified and can be forgiven if he merely says, “I’m sorry.”

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