A Handful of Reasons Why You Should Watch Jingle All the Way this Christmas

The movie is beyond awful and this feature is by no means an endorsement of this film being considered good. That being said, I would consider Jingle All the Way to be mandatory Christmas viewing not because it captures the Christmas spirit, but rather because the film is so awful that it’s great to watch. In many ways Jingle All the Way is the perfect Christmas satire that failed to actually hit its mark. Nonetheless, there are various reasons to see Jingle All the Way.

1. Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger be chased by a reindeer

ReindeerYes, he is chased by a reindeer! There’s nothing else than can be said of this other than look how ridiculous it looks!

2. See Arnold get angry when someone eats his cookies

Cookie“He’s in my house eating my wife’s cookies!” Further proof that anything Arnold says, even how stupid it sounds, sounds epic from him.

3. The creepy neighbor

Phil HartmanPhil Hartman as the neighbor who wants to sleep with Arnold’s wife? Sure, why not?!

4. Watch Arnold fight customers for a stupid toy

CustomersWe all hate Christmas shopping, but watching Arnold attack customers for a toy makes it look very entertaining.

5. Tasteless Jokes

PunchYou just saw it…you cannot unsee it!

6. Sinbad

SinbadDo you honestly need more of an explanation?

7. Arnold has gone crazy and it’s hilarious

Arnold crazyNothing like a manic person to make us all laugh.

8. Watch Arnold beat up a bunch of Santas


Doesn’t matter if you’re Santa; You don’t cross Arnold!

9. Arnold is Turboman!

TurbomanThe ridiculous just gets more ridculous!

10. Sometimes bad acting is great acting

ArnoldArnold proves to us in this movie that occasionally even an awful actor can be a great actor.

Check out Jingle All the Way! It’s the best worst Christmas to watch around the holiday!

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