Julianne Moore in A Single Man (2009)

Julianne Moore has been snubbed multiple times by the Academy Awards until her eventual Best Actress win in 2015. She nearly got nominated in 1999 for Magnolia for her emotionally explosive role in the P.T. Anderson film, but was instead nominated that year in the Leading Actress category for The End of the Affair. Again she was snubbed in 2010 for her incredible leading role in The Kids are All Right, but part of that was due to the film’s producers pushing Annette Bening for the nomination over Moore.

It was 2009’s A Single Man that stands as Julianne Moore’s worst Oscar snub due to the fact that Moore reminded audiences that so much can be conveyed in a small performance. Her role as Charley, a best friend to George Falconer (Colin Firth), who is enduring the grief of having lost his partner of 16 years, is perhaps one of the most profound scenes of the film. Starring in the film for a mere 15 minutes, Moore was able to provide a full range of emotions as her character engages with George in the film’s integral sequence when they have dinner together. What makes her performance impactful is the level of subtlety she places in her performance, to which there is a quiet desperation in her and profound loneliness in her words and actions. She has placed her hopes and future in someone who cannot ever offer her what she wants, which makes the character tragic in itself.

Julianne Moore was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance, causing many to think she would be nominated, but it was only Colin Firth who saw a nomination for his work in A Single Man.



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