8 Potential Snubs with This Year’s Oscars

Every year there are snubs regarding the Oscars, but rather than being surprised by them this year, we ought to acknowledge the strong possibility of who will be disappointed the morning the Oscar nominations are announced. These Oscar snub predictions are based upon precursor award traction and also general popularity.

Johnny Depp for Black Mass

Johnny Depp Black MassLeading into the Oscar season, there were claims Johnny Depp would finally earn himself an Oscar for his portrayal of Boston mobster Whitey Bulger. Though there is still a 50/50 chance for him; Depp has gotten both a Critics Choice and SAG nomination despite being snubbed by both the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs. It is possible Depp will be the surprise nominee this year.

Jacob Tremblay for Room

Jacob Tremblay RoomIt shouldn’t matter that he is only 10 years old, Jacob Tremblay was the heart and soul of Room with his extraordinary and heart-shattering performance. This potential snub would be the worst of any possible snub this year.

Carol for Best Picture

Rooney Mara Cate Blanchett CarolIt is likely Carol will be nominated in this category, but its Producers Guild snub definitely challenges the possibility.

Jennifer Lawrence for Joy

Jennifer Lawrence JoyJennifer Lawrence is an Oscar darling and the likely winner of Sunday’s Golden Globe, but will that be enough to give her the push she needs to be nominated? Considering she hasn’t been nominated for a Critics Choice, SAG or a BAFTA, her chances do not look good.

Adam McKay for Best Direction for The Big Short

The Big ShortThe Big Short is getting some phenomenal last-minute Oscar traction with some even claiming it could potentially win Best Picture. However, it is rare for a film to win Best Picture without a direction nomination. Currently Adam McKay’s sole precursor nomination is the BAFTA, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not possible for him to be nominated, but it is more of an uphill battle for him at this moment.

Anomalisa for Best Animated Feature

AnomalisaThis film has a tremendous chance of being nominated, but its adult themes and adult situations may deter some voters from nominating it. This is Inside Out’s only real competition and snubbing this film would guarantee Inside Out a win on Oscar night.

Sam Smith for Best Song for Spectre

Sam Smith SpectreWhether it is the ideal song for a Bond movie or not, Sam Smith’s “Writing’s on the Wall” has made some magnificent strides this Oscar season. It has managed to get a Golden Globe and Critics Choice nomination, but the question is, will the bias against the song for not being a standard Bond song cause Sam Smith to be snubbed?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Best Picture

Star WarsIt doesn’t matter that the newest Star Wars film in the revived franchise is officially the most profitable movie of all time within the United States. The voters seem unimpressed by how profitable the movie has been and also unimpressed with the universal praise of the film. It seems that any nomination for Star Wars will likely be relegated to the technical and special effects.

The Oscar Nominations will be announced on January 14th at 5:30 AM (PST).

2 thoughts on “8 Potential Snubs with This Year’s Oscars

    1. Not necessarily. Mad Max: Fury Road and Ex Machina have a good chance of breaking past the barriers of action and science-fiction film bias this year.


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