7 TV Shows Perfect to Binge Watch During Winter Storm Jonas

This weekend, the east coast is going to endure one of the harshest winter storms in nearly 100 years. Winter Storm Jonas is expected to hit some areas with an excess of two feet of snow. Therefore, it is somewhat obvious to say that a vast majority of the east coast will be secluded in their homes and probably staying put for the entire weekend. While it is difficult for some to stay put, fear not, for there is an opportunity for you to have your much valuable time to still have relevancy: Binge watch something new. More specifically, spend your weekend binge watching a new show.

Television is currently experiencing a tremendous boom, offering audiences a vast amount of new shows to choose from. However, in instances when we have the opportunity to binge watch something, it is sometimes more beneficial to watch shows that have become lesser known or were never truly appreciated at all. In that regard, let’s use Winter Storm Jonas as a chance to catch up on these shows below that are very much worth acquainting yourself with. (*Note: Every one of these shows can either be found on Netflix or purchased on iTunes):

24 (2001-2010)

24Whether you agree with the content of the show or not, 24 revolutionized television with its concise plotline, whose plot deviated from the then-standard episodic style of television and offered a new viewing experience: A show whose season occurs within 24 hours, with each of its 24 episodes being a single hour of the day that was filmed in real-time. The show is sheer excitement and adrenaline fueled throughout the show’s episodes and seasons. Each season involves a new terror threat that must be stopped with the show’s hero, Jack Bauer, being forced to endure mental and physical torment to stop villainy from succeeding. However, 24 wasn’t just an action show, but it also provided for some of television’s most astonishing dramatic moments. Of course, it is Kiefer Sutherland who makes the show worth watching with his tremendous performance as the complicated and long-suffering hero, Jack Bauer.
What season should you watch? In a perfect world, watching seasons 4 and 5 back-to-back would make for the best 24 experience since they were the best seasons of the series. However, if you have never seen 24 before, you must watch seasons 1 and 2 back-to-back. Those two seasons of television changed how television shows were made.
Where can you find this show? iTunes sells the seasons for $24.99 each

In Treatment (2008-2011)

In TreatmentThis show is for the intellectual-type. I consider In Treatment to be one of the smartest shows I’ve ever encountered, but I will confess that it is not for everyone. The show focuses on Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne), an exceptional therapist who is wrestling with his own demons. The show is comprised of 45 episodes that are framed as days-of-the-week with Monday-Thursday being episodes where Paul interacts with the same patients on those given days and Friday is dedicated to his own therapy with Gina (Dianne Wiest), who he has a complicated professional history with.  The show is solely dedicated to the therapy process with each episode simply being 30 minutes of interaction between two characters, which also makes for a fantastic character study when viewing the show.
What season should you watch? Whatever you do, do NOT watch season 3. The show changed writers after the second season and the writing clearly fell apart as a result. Regarding the show’s first two seasons, they focus on Paul’s profession, providing overarching storylines that extend throughout each season. Season 1 primarily deals with Paul’s realization that he is falling in love with a patient. Season 2 deals with him being sued by a former patient. So which should you watch? Season 1 or 2 are worthy of a viewing.
Where can you find this show? iTunes sells each individual season for $29.99

Alias (2001-2006)

AliasAlong with 24, Alias was the IT show in the early 2000s; a show that proved to many that Jennifer Garner was a capable actress. The show was a fantastic example of a show providing consistent twists and turns, which kept audiences guessing throughout the series’ run. Alias deviated from the typical formula of a show featuring a double agent, which often grew stale after its first season. That was not the scenario with Alias, whose main character, Sydney (Garner), works for the evil SD-6, an organization aiming for world dominance, but is a double agent and working for the CIA under the handling of her protective father (Victor Garber). The show only got better as the seasons progressed and it was bitter-sweet when the show decided to conclude while it was still on top with its ratings and fan appeal.
What season should you watch? You have no choice but to start from season 1 and move onwards. You won’t regret it.
Where can you find this show? The entire series is on Netflix

Friday Night Lights (2006-2011)

You do not have to be a fan of football in order to appreciate Friday Night Lights. While football is the primary focus of the series, the show is so much more than that. Friday Night Lights provides a vantage to what happens behind closed doors before the players enter the field, the stakes that are made clear if things do not go correctly, and more importantly, the personal toll the sport can have on all those involved. Therefore, Friday Night Lights is the trials and tribulations of the players and the coaches on and off the field, making for one of the most diverse television shows ever made when it comes to varying types of drama that were fused into one show. Yet what makes the show truly extraordinary is Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric Taylor, who took the lead role beyond anyone ever could have imagined and crafted the character into one of television’s most inspirational and memorable characters. Arguably, even more so than the show’s intense football scenes, the true scene-stealers of the show are every scene the show explored Eric Taylor’s relationship with his wife, Tami (Connie Britton).
What season should you watch? Friday Night Lights is like watching a long, very long movie. You gotta watch the series in order. Start with season 1.
Where can you find this show? The entire series is on Netflix

Six Feet Under (2001-2005)

Six Feet UnderMost critics will cite Six Feet Under as being one of the greatest shows ever made, yet it is shocking to realize how few have actually watched the show. I, too, will claim Six Feet Under is perhaps one of the best constructed, best acted, superbly written and directed shows ever made. While on the surface the premise of the show may seem off-putting: 5-years in the life with the Fisher family, who run a funeral business. Yet the show is so much more than that. Six Feet Under is a poignant story of how life gradually or suddenly affects the lives of the Fisher family and drives them in directions that may be good or glaringly bad. The show doesn’t aim to ever have you like the characters and sometimes you loath them, yet you cannot help but sympathize with them as they trudge through their lives. That is the brilliance of the show. Most worth watching in this show is Frances Conroy as Ruth Fisher, who was the very definition of an extraordinary actress throughout the series’ run.
What season should you watch? This show, too, is like watching an elaborate movie. You have to start with season 1, but if you truly power through the show, it is season 5 (the final season) that is the true gem of this series.
Where can you find this show? iTunes sells the first 3 seasons each for $14.99 and the last 2 seasons each for $19.99

Damages (2007-2012)

DamagesBefore FX had American Horror Story or Fargo, the show that proved to people that FX was a relevant network was Damages, which starred Glenn Close as Patty Hughes, a renowned cutthroat defense attorney who will do anything for her clients…anything, even if it means breaking the law. Close’s antihero, Patty Hughes, was such a complex person to witness throughout the series as she takes on a new case each season and pushes the boundaries of the law to win her case. Yet it was more of an achievement from Close to have the character remain ambiguous throughout the series’ run, even having viewers questioning whether she was a good or bad person right up to the series’ last episode. What also makes the show an incredible watch is its format: each season reveals the ending at the beginning of the season…but it’s never as it seems. From there, the season backsteps three months and we view the lead-up to the events that will ultimately occur. This was an astonishing approach to a narrative that wasn’t entirely groundbreaking, yet by changing the narrative style, the show was fresh and insanely addicting. One final contribution Damages brought to television was evidence that comedy actors were capable of serious, dramatic roles. Each villain from each season was portrayed by a comedy actor: Ted Danson, Darrell Hammond, Lily Tomlin, Martin Short, and John Goodman, to name a few, and they always offered a stellar portrayal.
What season should you watch? Any one of these seasons could be watched on its own, but it’s encouraged to start with the first season. The third season is especially amazing with Martin Short and Lily Tomlin’s performances. However, the fifth season was somewhat poor in comparison to the remainder of the series.
Where can you find this show? The entire series is on Netflix

Sex and the City (1998-2004)

Sex and the CityThis addition to the list is an obvious one for those who have seen the show and are ardent fans of the show, but we must recognize a cruel reality: The show ended 12 years ago. This means there is perhaps an entire generation who has never seen the show. Or worse, a generation who have only seen the awful Sex and the City movies (which I refuse to acknowledge were even made!). So bluntly put, if you’ve never seen this comedy series classic, you must. The show is much more about dating, relationships, sex, and love. The show is about friendship and how strong friendships can help us persevere over the difficulties of life, especially when one’s heart is broken or when one needs help realizing that love is staring them in the face.
What season should you watch? I’ve always told people that you can cheat and start with season 2 and avoid season 1 when the show was clearly getting its sea-legs. It won’t hurt your understanding of the series or characters that badly. Nonetheless, you should consider starting with season 1. It’s still a hilarious first season and sets up the groundwork for the series nicely.
Where can you find this show? iTunes sells each season at $14.99

Just because you’re stranded home this weekend doesn’t mean you can’t still do something new. So if you decide to spend the weekend binge watching a show, try watching something you’ve never seen before. You never know, you just might discover a new show to love, adore, and be obsessed about.




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