Oscars 2016 Winner Predictions: Technical Awards, Part 1

When it comes to the technical awards involving special effects and sound, expect the majority of the categories to be Mad Max: Fury Road versus Star Wars: The Force Awakens. These two films seem to be the presumptive frontrunners with Mad Max: Fury Road appearing to have the edge over Star Wars. Yet Star Wars has nostalgia on its side, as well as a fiercely satisfied fan base, who have argued that Force Awakens is on the same level as the original trilogy, which might push voters in the direction of honoring the most popular, most profitable film of the year. However, it is very much possible that both films could potentially cancel each other out, allowing for The Revenant or The Martian to sneak in with a win. As evidenced by last year’s Oscars with many presumptive frontrunners losing an Oscar that was deemed “guaranteed,” anything could happen this year.

Best Visual Effects

Star Wars






This category could go either way between Mad Max or Star Wars, but one would suspect that voters would give Star Wars at least one win for a stellar film that astonished millions of fans, while also providing the best Star Wars film since the original trilogy. Yet the Academy has clearly indicated that they love Mad Max and that love could very likely extend into an Oscar win for the film. What this category truly comes down to is this: What did voters find to be more visually dazzling in a film?

Will Win: Star Wars
Could Win: Mad Max
In a Perfect World: Ex Machina

Best Sound Editing







Will Win: Mad Max
Could Win: Star Wars
In a Perfect World: The Revenant

Best Sound Mixing






Will Win: Mad Max
Could Win: Star Wars
In a Perfect World: The Revenant

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Mad Max 03






Will Win: Mad Max
Could Win: The Revenant

Best Costume Design







This is another category that could go in any direction. On the surface it appears that Mad Max may have the advantage in this category with its epic and war-like costuming, yet the other nominees in this category do offer some steep competition. Carol perfectly captured the 1950s era while The Danish Girl captured the exquisite style of the 1920s. The costuming within The Revenant was expert with its historically accurate construction of outfits that would have fit within the 1820s setting. However, Cinderella should get much praise and acknowledgement for its ability to create a real-life visual of an old Disney classic. The primary focus of the Cinderella tale is the visual ‘rags-to-riches’ portrayal and story, which is entirely indicative of the costuming. Cinderella excelled at that, which may give it the push it needs to win in this category.

Will Win: Cinderella
Could Win: Mad Max
In a Perfect World: Carol

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