Oscars 2016 Winner Prediction: Best Animated Film

The Animated Film category is perhaps the most obvious category this year unless the impossible happens. Inside Out has had this category set as a guaranteed win since the summer and has only confirmed that future Oscar win every step of the way. Inside Out has won the Golden Globe, Critics Choice Award, and the PGA, which means all precursors have been unanimous about Inside Out being the best animated film of 2015.

As for the other nominees, their nomination is their award. The only film that has maybe a minimal chance of pulling off an unlikely upset is Anomalisa for its unique storytelling strategy of taking an adult-themed story and portraying it in an animated format. Going against the Inside Out bandwagon, I will argue Anomalisa was equally a thought provoking and extraordinary film experience as Inside Out was. However, Anomalisa challenges the typical conventions of ‘what is an animated film’ (which is good!), which may be offputting for voters and even moviegoers. It is understandable why the film may not be for everyone, which makes Inside Out the safer choice with this year’s Oscars. It is likely voters will veer in the direction of conventional, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Inside Out is an outstanding animated film from Pixar and reminds us all that animated films still have the capacity to surprise and astonish us all, adult and child.

The Nominees:
O Menino e o Mundo
Inside Out
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Omoide no Mani

Will Win: Inside Out
Could Win: Anomalisa
Should Win: Inside Out or Anomalisa
Could Upset: Not possible. Inside Out will win.

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