12 Types of Love on Valentine’s Day

Regardless of whether you have a significant other on Valentine’s Day or not, it doesn’t necessarily mean you lack the ability to celebrate on this day. In fact, there are many facets of love outside of what we would normally deem as relationship versus no relationship. Therefore, look below and see that Valentine’s Day actually is a day that you can still enjoy. Below are 12 variants of love with a film in association with it. After all, as the opening monologue in Love Actually says, “Love is everywhere.”

1. Unconventional Love
Sometimes we fall in love outside of what is deemed the ‘normal’ by dominant society.
Watch Her: It’s a film about a guy who starts to date his computer. Love doesn’t get more unconventional than that!

2. Crushes
Bridget Jones Diary
Before we find that special someone, we all find ourselves discretely liking someone and are too shy to say anything.
Watch Bidget Jones’ Diary: This is a film about crushes and the embarrassing escapades that occur as as result.

 3. Friendship
Driving Miss Daisy
Friendship is always the foundation of love, long before we find that special someone.
Watch Driving Miss Daisy: It is the special story about an unlikely friendship that lasts a lifetime.

4. Family
Pieces of April
Despite how complicated it can be, family almost always is unwavering in love.
Watch Pieces of April: A movie about family reconciliation and creating new memories to cherish.

5. First Love
Ten Things I Hate About You
When we first fall in love, it’s like our entire world has been shaken. We never forget that first time we realized we had fallen in love.
Watch Ten Things I Hate About You: It’s a film about resisting love and finally realizing it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

6. True Love
A Beautiful Mind
No matter how complicated life is, true love always prevails.
Watch: A Beautiful Mind: It’s the true story of how love conquers even the seemingly impossible.

7. Irrational Love
When we are in love, most of our words and actions make absolutely no sense to everyone around us, but they make perfect sense to us.
Watch Moonstruck: It’s a film based entirely off the irrationality of love.

8. Impossible Love
Bridges of Madison County
We sometimes find love in a moment of our lives when circumstances won’t allow it to happen.
Watch Bridges of Madison County: It’s a film that reminds us that even a few days can last us a lifetime.

9. Defiant Love
Carol Cate Blanchett
Sometimes people or society tells us to love in a certain way, but we have to trust our hearts.
Watch Carol: This is a film about pursuing a love your heart desires in a society unwilling to accept such sentiment.

10. Memorialized Love
Unfortunately, sometimes we lose that one person who meant everything to us, but that doesn’t mean we cannot remember what they represented to us.
Watch Up: Perhaps one of the most profound animated films that focuses heavily on honoring someone’s memory by embarking on an adventure.

11. Scorned Love
Gone Girl
Sometimes love gets very complicated and it turns sour. We resent and despise love as a result, but it’s still a result from having once loved.
Watch Gone Girl: If you want a messed up story about angry, vindictive love, you will thoroughly enjoy this film.

12. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
Eternal SunshineBreakups are never easy and they are horrible to endure, but does that mean we shouldn’t ever have fallen in love?
Watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: This is one of the most original, thought-provoking films you will ever see regarding love and relationships.

Regardless of how you spend your Valentine’s Day, remember there is something for everyone today. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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