2016 Emmy Winner Prediction: Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Unlike previous years, this category isn’t tilted in the favor of a specific show. With the exception of Kyle Chandler, the majority of nominees have never won an Emmy and that raises their chances dramatically. However, the Emmy push is going to be heavy for Kevin Spacey for House of Cards, who still hasn’t won an Emmy since the show’s start in 2013. Spacey’s vicious Frank Underwood, as usual, was perfectly acted. Yet Spacey interjected some incredible vulnerability into the character this season with his shocking character arc that put the villain into an entirely new dimension for viewers to witness. It seems that Matthew Rhys or Kyle Chandler, while both worthy of a win, would function as a major upset in the chance that either won. Bob Odenkirk was incredible for his work in Better Call Saul, and with the character additionally being from Breaking Bad, Odenkirk also could have the “it’s his due” sentiment pushed to finally achieve a win. Yet it might be newcomer Rami Malek who walks away with the win this year, and he deserves it the most. His performance as the socially awkward hacker in Mr. Robot, quite honestly, is the male drama performance of the year and that hasn’t been missed by many. Mr. Robot rides on Malek’s shoulders and without his stunning performance, the show wouldn’t work. Expect a Malek win, but don’t be surprised if Spacey or Odenkirk sneak in a win.

The Nominees:
Kyle Chandler – Bloodline
Rami Malek – Mr. Robot
Bob Odenkirk – Better Call Saul
Matthew Rhys – The Americans
Liev Schreiber – Ray Donovan
Kevin Spacey – House of Cards

Will Win: Rami Melek, Mr. Robot
Could Win: Kevin Spacey, House of Cards
Should Win: Rami Melek, Mr. Robot

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