2016 Emmy Winner Prediction: Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Of all the categories, Supporting Actor is the most unpredictable category this year primarily because any one of these nominees deserve the win. Each of these actors are standouts in their respective shows with huge fan followings. It’s unfortunate only one of these outstanding actors will be able to walk away with a win. Peter Dinklage was last year’s surprise winner and is one of Game of Thrones’ most beloved characters. It wouldn’t be farfetched for him to snag another Emmy for his work. However, Jonathan Banks could maybe take the win away from Dinklage. Banks was expected to win last year for his stellar work, which was also seen as a compensation win for his Breaking Bad  loss a few years prior. Banks’ work on Better Call Saul is captivating, but less screen time in the show’s second season does put him at a slight disadvantage.

Also nominated again is Michael Kelly for his slimy performance in House of Cards. Kelly has been magnificent in his role that viewers love-to-hate as Frank Underwood’s corrupt chief-of-staff. If his House of Cards co-stars get a push, Kelly could benefit from that as well. Jon Voight continues to be the definitive scene-stealer in Ray Donovan, who had some of the show’s most memorable moments in its third season. After Voight’s Emmy snub last year and managing to get nominated again, this could indicate that voters may award the veteran actor with an Emmy for his work. The surprise nomination is Ben Mendelsohn for his outstanding work in Netflix’s Bloodline. Mendelsohn was particularly effective in providing his vile character from the show’s first season tremendous humanity that gave viewers an understanding to the character’s inevitable descent. Despite having limited screen time in the show’s second season, he still managed to steal every single scene he was in and that shouldn’t be underestimated.

However, it is Kit Harington with his first Emmy nomination who just may walk away with the award this year. There’s a few reasons why: First, the anticipation to know what happened to Jon Snow after the season five finale put a ton of pressure on Kit Harington to deliver. And he did, and was flawless. Second, a large portion Game of Thrones’ sixth season centered on Kit Harington’s performance, to which this was the season when his leadership and battle skills were finally put to the test. Harington’s acting transcended the cliché character-type and he applied tremendous hesitation into his performance that added a level of realism towards it. Lastly, the season’s signature episode, “The Battle of the Bastards,” was entirely Harington’s episode and none of his competitors have that kind of an episode to compete with.

The Nominees:
Jonathan Banks – Better Call Saul
Peter Dinklage – Game of Thrones
Kit Harington – Game of Thrones
Michael Kelly – House of Cards
Ben Mendelsohn – Bloodline
Jon Voight – Ray Donovan

Will Win: Kit Harington, Game of Thrones
Could Win: Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul
Should Win:  Any of the nominees

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