2016 Emmy Winner Prediction: Best Direction for a Drama Series

It is safe to say that if anything other than “Battle of the Bastards” wins in this category, it would be a huge upset. That is because this signature episode of Game of Thrones‘ sixth season was an event fans of the show had been anxiously looking forward to for years. Rather than provide viewers with another epic battle like previous seasons, director Miguel Sapochnik decided to change the formula of how these sequences were filmed. In a daring move, he decided to film the Bbattle of the Bastards” without any CGI or digital replication, making the episode grittier, more realistic, and brutal. Sapochnik also sought out historical battles and persons, such as Alexander the Great, as references in his effort to provide a battle that was entirely true to realism. As a result, “Battle of the Bastards” is by far one of the most epic episodes in the history of television.

While the other nominees in this category provided stellar direction to their respective shows, none of them are on the same level of impact as “Battle of the Bastards.” The only other nominee that has a remote chance of defeating this Game of Thrones episode is director Jack Bender for his phenomenal direction of the Game of Thrones episode, “The Door.” Before “Battle of the Bastards,” “The Door” was the most talked about episode of the show with its revelation of how the white walkers were born, along with its heartbreaking and devastating conclusion. It was the one episode of Game of Thrones that made everyone collectively cry and mourn the loss of a beloved character, which in many ways made “The Door” equally as impactful as “Battle of the Bastards.” An upset with “The Door” winning is very much possible.

The Nominees:
Downton Abby – ep. “Episode 9”
Game of Thrones – ep. “Battle of the Bastards”
Game of Thrones – ep. “The Door”
Homeland – ep. The Tradition of Hospitality
The Knick – ep. “This is All We Are”
Ray Donovan – ep. “Exsuscito”

Will Win: Game of Thrones – “Battle of the Bastards”
Could Win: Game of Thrones – “The Door”
Should Win: Either Game of Thrones nominee is worthy of the win

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