2016 Emmy Winner Prediction: Best Limited Series

The moment The People Versus O.J. Simpson premiered on FX, it was immediately obvious that this miniseries was going to win some awards. Based off of Jeffrey Toobin’s book, The Run of his Life, this 10-episode miniseries magnificently chronicled what is arguably known as the trial of the century. The O.J. Simpson case was also one of the most socially divisive, most disorganized, most media crazed cases ever to have entered a courtroom and the miniseries emphasized these characteristics with incredible detail in each of its episodes. The miniseries sought to explain how someone who was obviously guilty of murder was able to walk free, functioning as both a drama and an expose. As the miniseries portrays, due to the arrogance and somewhat incompetence of the prosecution and the defense’s ability to manipulate the emotions of the jury and country, O.J. Simpson, an obvious murderer, was found not guilty. The People Versus O.J. Simpson flawlessly told this story, but went even deeper, showing the personal conflicts and backstories of all individuals involved in this case. There is a brilliant deconstruction of the events and individuals surrounding this case, not only emphasizing why things were allowed go out of control, but also unveil how ludicrous this case really was, that facts were ignored in replacement of sensationalism. This was an incredible television experience, and without question, it deserves to win this award.

The other competition in this category, while worthy of the win, struggle with an uphill battle if they hope to pull an upset in this category. Both American Crime and Roots lack a writing or direction nomination, which puts them both at a major disadvantage. This leaves the second season of Fargo, which got excellent reviews but wasn’t able to match its incredible first season. Fargo‘s plot tended to meander and also incorporated plot devices that were more of a distraction from the overall narrative opposed to actually assisting it. Fargo excelled in its acting and that is where its opportunities of a win lie. The true underdog in this category is the extraordinary miniseries The Night Manager. Based off the John le Carré novel, this miniseries has everything one could hope for: Stellar writing, brilliant acting from Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, and Olivia Colman, and sharp direction. It’s an outstanding espionage miniseries that is immersed in suspense and drama. It’s unlikely it will defeat The People Versus O.J. Simpson, but it is possible that an upset could happen.

The Nominees:
American Crime
The Night Manager
The People Versus O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

Will Win: The People Versus O.J. Simpson
Could Win: The Night Manager
Should Win: The People Versus O.J. Simpson

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2 thoughts on “2016 Emmy Winner Prediction: Best Limited Series

  1. I still need to watch People VS OJ.. I think that is my next project now I am done with Stranger things. I did HORRIBLE with my Emmys homework this year 😦


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