2016 Emmy Winner Prediction: Outstanding Comedy Series

In a category that used to be dominated by Modern Family, it seems that Veep, which unseated Modern Family last year just may winning for the second year in a row. Despite the HBO show’s fifth season being somewhat lackluster in its laughs and plot, its nominations speak otherwise. With three nominations in both the directing and the writing categories, it is obvious that this category is Veep’s to lose.

There are only three shows that have a chance of unseating Veep: Master of None, Silicon Valley, and Transparent. Of these three, Master of None is the most deserving with its stellar first season that was both  innovative and a hilarious commentary of contemporary society. Transparent’s popularity continues to grow, but there isn’t as much of a push or nostalgia for the show to win as there was last year. This leaves the HBO comedy Silicon Valley as the most likely to achieve an upset. The show is slowly gaining momentum as a popular comedy series and it was the surprise nominee this year in the comedy categories. If any show as a chance of defeating Veep, it’s Silicon Valley

The Nominees:
Master of None
Modern Family
Silicon Family
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Will Win: Veep
Could Win: Silicon Valley
Should Win: Master of None

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