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This will be a weekly series that will focus on the career of Bette Davis. Once a week, one film from Bette Davis’ vast career will be individually viewed, analyzed, and ranked alongside other Bette Davis films to establish not only what is the best Bette Davis film, but to also establish what is Bette Davis’ best performance. This weekly film evaluation will begin in January 2017.

bette-davis-1936-oscarsBette Davis with her first Oscar win for Dangerous (1935) during
the 1936 Academy Awards ceremony.

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Film posts will begin in January 2017

Bette Davis Performance and Film Rankings:

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Will begin in January 2017

Film Rankings:

Will begin in January 2017

1939-oscars-bette-davisBette Davis with her second Oscar win for Jezebel (1938) at the
1939 Academy Awards ceremony.