Play it Again Dan Feature Articles

North by Northwest

Links for Features:

The Shining.Jack Nicholson 02Kubrick Versus King: Shifting Intentionality With The Shining

10-cloverfield-featureA Dangerous Man: Who Exactly is Howard in 10 Cloverfield Lane

stanley-kubrickFour Amazing Directors Who Never Won an Oscar

beatrice-straight-network-01Assessing the Shortest Oscar Winning Performances

16-candles-01Teenage Angst in 16 Candles: Exposing the Internalized Self

murray-christmas-01A Very Murray Christmas: A Terrible, yet Perfect Christmas Film

lana-turner-and-johnny-stompanatoHollywood’s own “Crime of the Century”: The Lana Turner and
Johnny Stompanato Affair and Murder

James Dean feature imageJames Dean: An Incredible Legacy

Breaking Bad feature photoUnderstanding Television’s Second Golden Age

The PlayerUnconventional Narrative: ‘The Player’ and its
Expose of Hollywood Greed

Gay-Flag-e1381165382541Tracing the Origins of the Word “Gay:”
A Sexually and Politically Charged Word

Robin Williams One Hour PhotoThe Complexity of Sy Parrish: Analyzing the
Psychology in One Hour Photo

Paul NewmanNonconformity, Individuality, and Ethics:
The Style that Represents Paul Newman

Ex MachinaAnalyzing Kubrick Influences in Ex Machina

Taxi DriverDefying Morality: Why Do We Love Flawed Characters?

Anomalisa 02Defying the Animation Narrative: The Brilliance of Anomalisa

Carol Feature PictureThe Impact of ‘Carol’

Aladdin Feature ImageThe Oscars Need a Best Voiceover Category

Donnie Darko feature imageDonnie Darko: An Expose on Society and Conformity

Fatal AttractionMale Castration: Femme Fatales and the Exertion of Dominance

Tales from the CryptThe Evolution of the Television Horror Anthology

The Swarm featureThe Rise and Fall of the Disaster Genre of the 1970s: Part 2, 1974-1980

Towering Inferno NewmanThe Rise and Fall of the Disaster Genre of the 1970s: Part 1, 1970-1974

Alfred Hitchcock Feature PictureAlfred Hitchcock and his Progressive Female Roles

Scarface Feature PictureSuccessful Film Remakes: How Did They Achieve Success?

House FeatureUnderrated Masterpieces: House of Sand and Fog (2003)

Willy Wonka Wilder DeppFailed Film Remakes: What Are Their Fundamental Flaws

The Kids Are All RightThe Evolution of LGBT Films: The Equality Films

Brokeback MountainThe Evolution of LGBT Films: The Awareness Films

Feature Image A Single ManThe Evolution of LGBT Films: The Pre-Stonewall Era Films

Rocky Horror Feature ImageCult Films: What are they and Why are they Loved?

Margin Call Feature ImageUnderrated Masterpieces: Margin Call (2011)

Top of the Lake Feature PhotoUnderrated Masterpieces: Top of the Lake (2013)

Mean Girls Feature ImageWhy Mean Girls is so Fetch

Keaton.BirdmanUnderstanding the Theme of Vanity With Birdman and All About Eve

Nightcrawler PosterAnalyzing the Sociopath Dimension in Nightcrawler

Carnage Movie PosterChallenging Movie Poster to DVD Cover Art

american horror storyHow American Horror Story Revolutionized Television


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