Film and Television Themed Lists


Links to Lists:

seinfeld10 Deserving Emmy Wins

The Master feature image10 Films that Deserve More Attention and Praise

Jurassic Park10 Films That Were Better Than the Novel

Deliverance feature pictureOnce Was Enough: 10 Films that are Hard to Watch a Second Time

Godfather 210 Iconic Performances that Still Captivate

Game of Thrones10 Game of Thrones Scenes Perfectly Adapted from the Novels

Peter Finch Network20 Oscar Winning Scripts that Deserved the Oscar

Whose Afraid of Virginia WoolfBroadway Success: 15 Outstanding Broadway to Film Casting Decision

Donnie Darko Feature Image15 Independent Movies You Should See at Least Once

Meryl StreepMusical Failure: 10 Disastrous Broadway to Film Miscasting Decisions

Feature Photo Kubrick9 Extraordinary Films from Stanley Kubrick

George Costanza12 Iconic Character Roles that Never Won an Emmy

Mad Men Feature10 Times Someone Should have Won an Emmy for Mad Men

Gravity Feature Image10 Extraordinary Films that People Unfairly Love to Hate

Woody AllenRanking the Performances from Woody Allen Films

Clockwork Orange5 Fantastic Film Openings

Leonardo DiCaprio10 “Guaranteed” Oscar Nominations…That Weren’t Nominated

90675-050-B217365A5 Key Differences Between the Novel and Film Version of Rebecca

Cate Blanchett Feature Image10 Great Performances You Probably Have Never Heard Of (But Should See!)

Beautiful Mind10 Film Scenes Worth Knowing About

Heath Ledger The Dark Knight10 Acting Performances You Should See At Least Once

Michael Clayton Poster10 Films You Should See At Least Once


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